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SK950L Hard Cover Maker



SK950L Hard cover maker is a case-making system which features hot-melt gluing, positioning, edge folder, squeeze shape muti-functions in one machine.

It is a complete line of making mass production hard cover. It is designed according to the craftmanship of hard cover and the operation habit.

There is a worktable for putting materials like cardboard, cover and so on. The base of the machine is equipped with high load bearing foot master casters, which is convenient for moving the machine, level adjustment and rising fixed.

It is more easier, standard, accurate, and fast to make hard cover.

To ensure the unity of the quality and quantity, the equipment are in line with the technical standard to avoid the drawbacks ,decisived by human factors when making hard cover.



Four steps to make hard covers with SK950L:

STEP 1: Hot gluing  An uniform coating of adhesive is applied to the back of the hard cover shell.

  • High accuracy glue roller makes the adhesive well-distributed.
  • The main part adopt advanced copper alloy processing technic which makes the heat conduction well-distributed and speed fast.
  • Automatic watering device can water proper amount of water according to the use conditions rondamly, which can avoid adhesive from drying and soliding.
  • Independent homothermal impermeable heater unit, animal glue, jelly glue and white latex can be used separately.
  • The thickness of the glue can be adjust randomly.

STEP 2: Positioning  Bound the cardboard and Pitch diameter plate with the hard cover.

  • Flexible and fast to change the different version of spine guides, easy to create many fully decorated hard cases.
  • Suction assistance makes the cover material positioned accurately,no removable,which avoid the bubbles when the cover glued with cardboard.
  • Light table with center positioning line labels the reference meshed line for variety of formates with suction assistance for placing the tacking paper.
  • Humanized back gauge device can be adjusted and fixed to ensure the same size of each finished hard cover.

STEP3: Electric edge folder  The operator inserts the cardboard into the folder part then it is OK, where all four sides of the cover material are turned-in.

  • Light reflex checking, when the cardboard are turned-in, the machine will start and make the edge folded.
  • Reversion electric edge folder, it will be back on the position when finished edge folding.
  • The size and the position of the edge folding can be adjusted.
  • The edge folding pressure can be adjusted to adapt the different thickness of the cardboard.

STEP4: Squeeze shape  Put the hard case in the squeeze system, we can finish

Shaping the hard case by a proper pressure.

  • High-accuracy soft glue roller ensure the enough necessary pressure and protect the hard case.
  • The pressure on each side of the machine can be adjusted on the basis of different material