Photo Book Mini-Station PMS12A /PMS18A

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a photo book mounting part and hard cover casing-in part, you can produce any book format from 50 x 50mm up to 305 x 305 mm A4and 80mm thick. Tabletop in size, easy to use and economical, anyone can create a beautiful, professional Photobook in minutes. Suitable for photographic paper, card, laminated material or any print for your pictures.


  • On-Demand Photo book maker
  • Albums open flat – 180 degrees
  • The unique damping mounting lift makes the mounting easily and fast
  • Adopts the special process against tacky in mounting unit
  • Presets many register slots, convenient to make different size of albums
  • Equipped with deep magnet moving petitioners, suitable for many sizes of mounting sheets
  • Cover mounting unit makes the block and cover attaching precisely and fast
  • Designed for portable plate board, convenient to remove it while mounting the thicken cover