Plieuses automatiques

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  • Desktop manual paper folder that accommodates up to A3-size paper (EP-42F/EP-42S).
  • Sets up easily for 6 standard and non-standard folds, with skew adjustments key for accurate and precise folding result
  • It is ideal choice for reliable, user friendly entry level friction folding machine
  • Simple to operate: LED readout counter and touch-button function keys
  • Wide range of simple & complex folds
  • Dependable three-roller friction feed system
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Adjustable folding speed (EP-42S/EP-45F)
  • A fully-featured automatic friction folding machine, with automatic size recognition, digital counter and six preset paper folds(EP-45F)
  • A built-in micro-computer provides fully electric setup, eliminating tedious manual adjustments(EP-45F)
  • The folder will automatically sense, set and display the paper size loaded(EP-45F)
  • Simply choose from six pre-programmed popular folds or create and store custom folds by job (EP-45F)